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Is a parametric gear design producible ?


Is a parametric gear design producible, actually or it is mostly a theoretical topic?

I am thinking; is a parametric gear accurate highly to be manufactured without any defect or failure such as creating noise or being asynchronous partially?

Can I trust such type of designing in Catia exactly?
If designed carefully and accurately, a CATIA designed gear should be good. The most important factor is how the gear is made.

Ii's been my experience that the gear makers only need the parameters to produce the gear teeth on their gear-cutting equipment. The CATIA model is just a pretty picture to them.
You said: "If designed carefully and accurately, a CATIA designed gear should be good."

The word "good" makes me doubtful somehow. Can it be described "excellent", for sure.

Is there a software to create a technical gear more accurate than catia? Of course, I am not doubtful that CATIA is one of the few best engineering software of the world.
Okay. If a gear is designed super carefully and accurately, a CATIA modeled gear should be excellent!

But I think the gear-cutting process is just as important, if not more important, to producing an excellent gear.
I have another question about gear production:

Is forging a precise method to manufacture an accurate gear?
Thank you

I found two types of gear parametric designing in the internet

Which one is more accurate:


Both tutorials appear to be good. I read through the steps, but didn't actually try either one. Which method worked best for you?

I'm not a gear expert, but I think #2 (Afrodita) is more accurate, since it uses a spline to approximate the tooth profile. #1 just uses a circular arc.
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Thank you so much, for your enlightening :)

Of course my purpose is not to produce anything or deliver my works to a factory, but I always love perfect works to be acceptable in industry. Therefore I don't wish to create just a 3D shape.
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