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isometric dimensioning


New member
is it possible to dimension an isometric view on a drawing?
i have tried several different ways (& i have also set the config
to allow 3d dimensioning) but it has never been successful !!!!
any help at all would be very greatfull, thank-you all.
Show 3D Isometric View dimensions in a drawing.


Yes, you can "show" the 3D model dimensions in isometric drawing views.

1. In the drawing options sheet set "allow_3d_dimensions" to "yes".

2. Create your drawing with the isometric view of your part/assembly.

3. Click on the "Open the show/erase dialogue box" icon.


4. Choose "show > dimensions > by part [or feature] & view" & pick your part [or feature].


5. The driving model dimensions will show & you can pick the dimensions you want to display.



Hope that helps!
PolySurf >> Home of PolySurf Design Services
thanks polysurf,

i can do that part no problems, but what about assemblies
when i want an overall dimension over several parts ? :confused:

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