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Issue starting SEV18


andy tepps

Hey all,

I have just installed SE V18 on my PC, when I run the program the title comes up, then the program flashes on screen for a quick secomd then the program shuts down. I am pulling my hair out trying to get it to work, any suggrestions?

Thanks for telling us about your problem. :eek:
SE.V18 is a resource hungry application - this may be your problem.

Please tell us:
1] what type of PC do you have (memory, CPU, Windows, ..)?
2] have you loaded on any service packs yet?
3] are you sure your licence has been activated and working correctly?
(maybe you have a method to test the installation on someone elses PC)
I have a USB dongol that runs with a licence key.
4] do you know what other memory resident software (anti spyware, anti virus..) is currently running - please list them.

We at the SE forum will be glad to help where we can.
(feel free to use the private postal service if you wish to do so)

Andrew: I am sure I have missed something. Please add to the list of questions.

WB :)
Hi Andy,

You should be able to launch Soild Edge V18 upon a fresh installation without any service pasks. Is there an error message to the failure to launch?
However, you may want to let us know your hardware configurations.
Please also make sure you're pointing to the correct license file; or copy the SELicense.dat file to the SE Program folder.

Otherwise, try reinstalling it. :D

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