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Iteration Problems



I am having alot of problems with joining (unioning) some solids. After the command has been issued the response, in the command line is

'Modeling Operation Error:
Exceeded iteration limit when evaluating curve.'

What does this mean and how do I get round it? I can slice these solids but then not rejoin them. I have also tried to make them smaller but this makes no difference either.

Any help much appreciated

Too complex maybe...

Hello recycle9,

From a 3D database standpoint, the error indicates to me that there is either a curve (or edge) that is too complex to evaluate (i.e., it takes too many iterations to arrive at a solution within tolerance) or that an implied intersection curve (between the solids) is too complex.
  • Are either of the solid overly complex?
  • Is maybe only one of the surfaces or curves overly complex?
  • Is some of cutves or surfaces imported?
I try to never advise this but...
  • Try loosening your geometry tolerance in 0.0001 inch increments and see if the command completes without error.
Please report back.

Thanks and good luck!
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