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Jack of all trades, master of.... how many?

Scott Hazlam

New member
I have been drafting with AutoCAD for 2 years, and modeling with solidworks for 1 year. I work for a sheet metal company and do work on the side. I enjoy the trade so much so that I spend all my waking hours on this skill. But the more in depth I get, the more down the rabbit hole I go. I branched into 3DS max because i wanted to animate some of the things i was drawing, and was also interested in interior rendering. And while learning the (basic) AEC in 3DS max I had the revelation that architectural is a whole other program, BIM, revit what have you. So many CAD programs so little time! I want to use them all!! of course that is too expensive and time consuming. Which leads me to my real question,

should I focus on one discipline, or is there harm in branching out to all these programs? i know mastery takes time invested in one spot for a period of time. advice, experience? is it realistic to want to use all these programs?? Thank you