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Joining parts in solidworks



Hi. Can anyone tell a successful method for join two parts together (to form one solid body) and have both parts update if their original parts file are modified?

I have tried using the ‘join’ function from an assembly with limited success.
- Parts that constitute the joined part update when if the original part files are modified.
- Unable to use ‘model items’ in 2d drawing
- Only the assembly if referenced by the original part file in ‘Solidworks explorer’, (If possible I would like to be able to locate all 2d drawings that contain a specific part).

I hope this makes some sense (apologies this is my first post).
Hi Lukas,

I think I understand what you'd like to achieve - but I think I would try to do it in a different way.

Instead of having a 'Part 1' and a 'Part 2' as separate parts that are joined to make a 'Part 3' (that you want to be automatically updated by changes to 'Part 1' and 'Part 2), I think I would try to make the overall combined part as my main part, but in such a way that I could suppress some features of it so that it becomes only 'Part 1' or suppress other features so that it becomes only 'Part 2'. In this way 'Part 1' and 'Part 2' would be configurations of the overall part.

Apart from that, I'd most probably try to have my origin of the overall part (and ideally at least the base feature too) be in a place common to both configurations or at a point where they're joined - this way both configurations have their origin in or on the part and not outside it.

I understand this might not help!! - but I hope it does!

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