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Kinematic Laws - Staging motion?

Am able to create various motions with DMU Kinematics but am having trouble with laws.

Have various parts with linear motion assigned that I want to happen at different times. Believe I can use a sketch to drive them and that would be great as easy to modify.

Example I have one moving part and a base (fixed)
I have two mechanisms driving my part both with a prismatic joint. So I want the part to go in one direction (mechanism 1) then in the other direction (mechanism two) Have created a sketch with time v distance but am having trouble linking that into my formulas.

I pick on formula toolbar and I get two parameters, one for time and one for length. I then go to add formula, pick on the sketch and pick dimensions.

But when I go to Simulate with laws it says, "add relation between command and time parameter"

Any help with this GREATLY appricated.


New member
To get your law to work double click on the command in the DMU kinematics workbench. Click "link." Select your sketch. Now your command is linked to your sketch. You should be able to Simulate with Laws. That should do the trick.