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Knowledge Fusion

hi nayak1981

with the integration of knowledge fusion,a single data model can be used to manage both parametric and knowledge based part can be also capture rules/requirements from the engg designer and convery this information seamlessiy into design definitions through the instantiation of class files into UG prat files.UG is raised to the status of a design automation,or as we say , a "produvtive engineering" product.

NX combines the power of a generative modeling approach and a Knowledge based system into a single product called Knowledge Fusion. Knowledge Fusion is a language that permits NX to take advantage of engineering knowledge bases in conjunction with generative rules to deliver sophisticated applications while permitting a knowledge based extension of NX. KF has smart capabilities of implementing design and development solutions at low-levels using higher-level input.
Bounded plane in KF


i have intersected few faces and a i have joined the curves with "ug_curve_join"
How get the bounded plane of "total_curve:"?
Actually i need the are of "total curve".


Greetig from Germany!!

#! NX/KF 6.0
DefClass: New_Class_Name (ug_base_part);

(Child) boundary_0: {
Class, ug_curve_intersection;
Set1_References, {Face:};
Set2_References, {Face_0:};

(Child) boundary_1: {
Class, ug_curve_intersection;
Set1_References, {Face_0:};
Set2_References, {Face_1:};

(Child) boundary_2: {
Class, ug_curve_intersection;
Set1_References, {Face_0:};
Set2_References, {Face_2:};

(Child) boundary_3: {
Class, ug_curve_intersection;
Set1_References, {Face_0:};
Set2_References, {Face_3:};

#join the boundary

(Child) total_curve: {
Class, ug_curve_join;
profile, {boundary_0:,boundary_1:,boundary_2:,boundary_3:};

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