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Laser Kerf Bending Square Steel Tube


New member

I am looking to get a chair leg made that requires square tubing to be bent. To do so I want to use a kerf bending techinque (see attached image) but my manufactuer needs a 3d model to do so.

I have tried doing so in solidworks so I know how much material to cut out. Using the flex tool I have bent the tubing to the correct radius and angle but the material dosent seem to be behaving correctly. I assumed the cut out sections should be touching each other on a bend this tight but they dont seem to be giving a accurate reflection of what wold happen.

I need some help how to simulate this bent accuratly so I can create a 3d model for my manufacurer that has the correct amount of material laser cut out.



4c19b369de53c9215d02c6200085948b (1).jpgbend.jpg