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Learning to use Catia.


New member
Hi guys! ^_^
I got a picture from my friend to try to copy it by myself in Catia so I can learn to use it.
I've encountered 2 problems:
1:I could'nt figure out how to connect ''part'' 2 and 1 the same way they're connected on the picture
2:I couldn't figure out how to make a rib that has a biger diameter at the end than at the start.(3)
I'm sorry for my terrible english :'(
Thank you in advice for the help!



Super Moderator
1. Extend the inside shape so it penetrates into the outside shape.
2. Instead of a Rib, use a Multi-Section Solid for shapes that have varying cross sections.

You're English is pretty good! This is a very complex part for training - I hope this was not the first lesson!