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Length of Contour



Can any one help me to find a way to measure the length of a contour made by sketcher.
Another method

There is another method to analyze the length of a contour from a sketch. This will involve creating a Parameter and assigning a formula

1) Select the f(x) icon
2) Create a length Parameter
3) Add a formula to this parameter
4) In the Dictionary pane select Measures
5) In the Members of Measures double click Length (Curve,...): Length - this will place the operation length() in the formula definition field
6) The cursor should be between the parenthesis () now double click on the sketch contour - the formula should look something like this: length(PartBody\Sketch.1)
7) Select the OK button
8) Select Yes for Auto Update
9) Select OK

This will create a parameter that will report the total length of the Sketch. If the sketch changes the parameter is updated to reflect the new length.

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