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Leveling a solid


I think I’m spending too much time manipulating models in Catia (V5R18) into the position I want them to send to the CMM.

I’m measuring the angle and then rotating and tweaking the model until I get it into the position I want. On most of the models I have a flat surface that I am simply trying to level. I think it should be as easy as picking the surface and telling it to level (or rotate) to the +Z (or whatever axis I want).

But I can’t find anywhere to do that. Any ideas?


Super Moderator
I haven't done any CMM work for many years, but I agree that you shouldn't be wasting your time rotating the parts into position.

If I remember right, the interactive software I used in the past would have you start by selecting some datum target points on the CATIA model which determined the datum planes. This was also good because the CMM would determine how the part was physically located on the table and base all the measurements on the datum system.

Another option is to do what CNC guys do: create a new Axis System based on how you want to position the part relative to the CMM.

Which CMM software are you using? Check with their tech support and see if they can recommend an easy way to align the part to the CMM.


I can level to anything in PC DMIS but I just like to bring the models in in the same orientation I will be checking them.

I don’t use Catia much, we have people that do that. They have told me I have to know the angle and manually input it. I just find that hard to believe that as powerful as Catia is, it can’t rotate or level to a flat surface. But that’s why I’m asking; maybe it can’t.