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Like Union from ACAD?



Is there a way to make two + parts into one? I want a full assembly to become just one part. Just for a volume calculation.
Use assembly features...

Try going to the assembly mode and see what assembly features are available that work on components. Likely there will be standard Boolean features such as Remove, Combine, Intersect. The feature would only show up in the assembly, not the individual component parts.

If the components don't intersect, then you can always get the mass properties of each component and juts add them up, unless you have many components that is.

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Why do anything? Iproperties will give you the total volume of the assembly without the parts being combined into one.
I agree totally.

You're right of course. Go to the main menu and select File > iProperties > Physical tab and (tab) to get the total volume. Thanks for the input hfds006!

Good luck dias_ryan!
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Also could use Derived component

You could also use Derived Component to unite as many components as you want if your aim is to create a single solid.

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