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Linear Dimensions.


New member
I am using SolidWorks 2005, when I use smart dimension, vertical and horizontal dimension icon. The program autmaticaly assumes I want an angular dimension there, is there a way to turn this off?
What I am trying to do is dimensioning center to center of two holes using the center mark as reference, when I click on one center mark and then click on another it gives me a dimension like 90 degrees where as I am looking for a linear dimension.
Hi Balint,
What you should do is to dimension to the circles arc, not it's center.
What happens when you select the center mark is it actually selects an axis not a point. When you select the arc or the circle the center point is selected and the linear dimension between the two points will be available.
I disagree about dimensioning to the arc. Proper CAD standards are to dimension to the center of a circle or an arc.

Balint, make sure you are clicking on the right place of the center mark. If you are dimensioning the distance between two circles, click on the crossbars of the center marks that are perpendicular to a line drawn between the two circles. If your circles are horizontal to each other, click on the vertical cross hair lines.
Center of Circles

It happens that when you are dimensioning in SW, if you pick a circle it place a diameter dimension, but if you pick another circle it places the dimension between the two CENTERS.

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