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Link problem in assembly


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I have an assembly with several parts and two sub assemblies. These two sub assemblies has been renamed in CATIA. When I open the main assembly all the parts and products opens like it supposed to, but I still have som kind of link to the old product names. (see attached message). When I open the desk command to fix this I cannot find the link to the old product names. (Everything looks OK). I also opened the edit links command, but cannot find any links to the old product names. How can I remove these links?


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My guess is you didn't rename the two assemblies with SAVE MANAGEMENT.

I'm not sure you can erase the ghost links to the old sub-asemblies. There are a couple things I can suggest, but I'm not 100% sure they will work:

1. Use FILE + SAVE MANAGEMENT and SAVE AS to rename both of the sub-assemblies again, and also save the top assembly.

2. If that doesn't work, try to REPLACE each sub-asembly with itself. (Or delete the sub-asembly from the top assembly and re-insert it.)

As a last resort, you might have to re-create the top-assembly.

The moral to this story: ALWAYS use SAVE MANAGEMENT, and NEVER rename CATIA files without using SAVE MANAGEMENT.
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Hi MrCatia

Your alternativ 1 fiksed the problem. I renamed the assy to the old file names and then back to the new ones with save management (Reopened the assy after renaming the first time).
Thank you!


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