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Linking 2 or more sketched paramtrically



Linking 2 or more sketches paramtrically

I'm currently working on a project to edit parametric models via excel spread sheet. I've created a model using multiple sketches and would like to edit the position of one sketch relative to a fixed sketch at absolute. (0,0,0). The sketch that is not fixed must be able to be edited in multiple directions and angles. The two sketches will then be joined via a through curve mesh using a singe face from each sketch solid.

Does that make sense??
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I'd suggest making a Datum Plane relative...

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nkwheelguy (Automotive)
17 Apr 06 10:23
I'd suggest making a Datum Plane relative to another that resides on the XY Plane (the fixed sketch plane). When you want to relocate the one sketch that's not on the XY plane, just move the Datum Plane it resides upon.

Tim Flater
Senior Designer
Enkei America, Inc.

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