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Linking dimensions between parts V5-6R2013


I'm trying to create a few different parts that will eventually be part of an assembly. Problem is that I will need reference geometry from one part for the other parts when designing them. With reference geometry I mean sketches. Therefore I would need to link dimensions between the parts so they adapt to each other by themselves when changing dimensions.

I've used inventor and solidworks before. In Inventor it is as simple as just export dimensions and import them into a new part and they are linked together.

In Catia I've tried to import dimensions from an excel sheet which worked fine, but the dimensions are not linked. When I change dimensions in the excel sheet nothing happens in catia, which makes that method useless as well.

Any ideas? I believe it should be very easy to do, like in other cad-programs, but maybe it is not?


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Did you use a Design Table to import the Excel data into CATIA? And did you use the imported Parameters to drive the geometry?

Another way to link geometry between parts is to Copy & Paste Special With Link reference geometry (Sketches, Planes, Lines, Points, Surfaces, etc.) from the parent part to the children parts. Then build the children parts based on that geometry. Changes made to the parent will be passed down to the children. (I highly recommend using Publications when doing this)
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External references

you should use External references option to link the parts in the Assembly.Switch on "external references" keep link with selected object under tools....options...infrastructure...part infrastructure...Hope it helps.