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Linking with ProE using Visual Basic



I have been searching for the topic but no luck yet...
Any way of connecting to ProE from VB.
Currently I am using the dat files for extracting CGs and moment of inertias.
I believe that there would be some better way of doing it more efficiently.
extracting info

If you are interested in extracting data (inertias for example) you can do so with a BMX analysis feature called an Excel Analysis. This feature basically is intended to return only one number to ProE but but you can use many paramters as output from ProE to the spreadsheet to generate that number. If you don't want any number returned to ProE then you just allow it to return a dummy number you are not really interested in and take advantage of the output anyway. Basically your section analysis generates a series of section properties and these are written out to a spreasdsheet. It is done fairly automatically.

If you are interested in using this and it suits your needs then let me know and I can explain further if you can't find it online.

Keith Carew
Thanks for the reply.
Pl. explain the procedure, let's see if it can help. Which version of PROE shall be required.

The latest trend had been to expose the objects and then manipulate them using Active-X technologies (VB etx), this is adopted even in low cost CAD/CAM applications and I can't believe that PRO/E do not posses this capability.

I think u may need to look for pro/toolkit instead of VB.

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