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Linux remote access to proengineer


New member

I am trying to work with proengineer (wildfire 2) by a remote access(linux-linux). I am using Ubuntu and the remote computer Fedora.
I connect to the server with SSH and then I connect to the remote computer with
the "-x" option as: "ssh -x computername".
When I launch the proengineer command in the console, it says:
"Error opening display
Graphic type 'OPENGL' is not available with current window environment."

Maybe the problem is an error with my display configuration, maybe I have to
enter other commands,
but I think it's because I may not have all the OpenGL library on my computer.
(Since OpenGL havn't been installed on it, it has not be done automaticly...

Thank you very much for your help,

The first thing that seems wrong is that your using lowercase -x which DISABLES x11 forwarding. You need a capitol -X flag.
But, the error doesn't sound like its remote X windows related because it didn't complain about not being able to find the $DISPLAY environment variable.

You will need OpenGL setup (direct rendering) to run Pro/E. You should need to actually install opengl, but your X11 needs to be loading the "glx" module.

glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"

gives the status of direct rendering.. if it says "No". Pro/E won't work. Getting it to say "Yes" may take some work, , but the easiest way to make it work is to pickup a lower end Nvidia card and install the retricted drivers Ubuntu will prompt you about.

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