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Make a text around on cilinder face



Hello, my cuestion is:

How I can make a text around on cilinder face, its possible whith solidworks2005?.

can you help me

thanks in advance

Sorry for my english :(
Good tip

Take a look at this tip!

Text On A Cylinder .
I suggest you make a surface offset from the OD of the cylinder the height you want the text. "Free login required"

#: 874, Author:, Source:Solid Digital Digest (Gurijala: This is for SolidWorks), Submitted by: eDocHelp, Date: 2005-02-20

3DCADTips Support Desk :cool:
Text around an axis, like on a tire?

This is done in the sketch mode by inserting text. You can then define a curve to align the text. Your curve should be an arc.

Text wrapped on a surface, like ?.
There's an unwrap command that will flatten the surface, project your text, then wrap it back up. This one is limited in the surfaces that it can unwrap.
make a text around cylinder

well my friend has told u the option of using wrap command and that the easiest one.

even u try the following trick also

well insert a skecth on the plane and write the text u want 2 wrap

the n in extrude command we the option of offset from surface

choose this one

also check the effect on cliking on/off the option transvere surface


Deepak Gupta

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