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Manikin mould cavity


New member
Hi, does anybony know as I can obtain the mould cavity for a manikin, starting from the manikin itself? I tried many times but the manikin looked like impossible to use also in boolean operations as subtracting the manikin from a solid part
Pony, I'm guessing you're trying to use the CATIA manikins that come with the Human Builder workbench :confused:

Based on the CATIA manikins I've seen, they are intended for ergonomic analysis and are roughly modeled for that application. I don't think the manikin geometry was created to be used with the PartDesign tools.

If you are trying to mold a human body part, maybe someone else can suggest a better source of manikin data.
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MrCATIA, you are right, I used manikins that come from the Human Builder workbench.
I hoped the could be useful also for the purpose of makin cavity mould.

Can anybody suggest me a better source of manikin data?


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