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Master Model method



What are the advantages of separating the model file from the drawing file? Will this really improve performance as far as loading components in an assembly? We currently create our drawings with in the model file and we've been throwing around the idea of separating the two. I'd like to know if there is any other advantages other than performance.
Hi Cable,

Are you comparing to any other software?
Well, by having the 3D Model and drawing in a single PRT file saves the trouble of searching and opening the drawings when you need them.

I don't think it's too big of an issue except that the file size will be slightly bigger.
Master Model

Actually there are a number of reasons for separating your model and drawing. Performance really is not the issue however, change control is.

The Master Model approach allows the drawing to be updated independant of the model. For example, a tolerance change on the drawing would not require the model to be upsequenced to the next revision level. This avoids a lot of confusion and extra work in the engineering community.

I think that is the most important reason however there are more.
There is a pretty good description of why you would want to do this in the NX documentation. Search under Master Model and look at the topics called "The Master Model Technology" and "Master Model Approach"

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