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Mating holes between parts



Can some one tell me the easiest way to mate hole between two parts. What is the easiest way to do it and get the information into the part model. I did it in assembly, but it didn't go top-down into the part. I'm doing a lot of modeling in Assembly mode (external references).
Any insight.
what do you mean by mating holes, can you be a bit more specific.
The best way is to create a hole in the correct positon in one part, then go to the assembly. Activate the mating part, and make the hole on the correct face, and use co-axial for the reference, as opposed to linear - it's in the Placement menu in the dashboard.

Intralink references independent geometry from other parts. It shows that independent referenced part is a ghost object, but when you check the assembly in, it breaks the dependence between the origin of references and the copied references part.

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