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May 2007 Newsletter



Rhino 4.0 upgrade promo ends 31-May-2007
Third-party plug-ins for Rhino 4.0
Rhino Labs - check out these new tools for 4.0
Upgrade classes
Rhino 4.0 upgrade promo ends 31-May-2007
Commercial upgrades are $/€295 until 31-May-2007. On
1-June-2007 the price will increase to $/€395. Buy now...
What is new in Rhino 4.0...

Third-party plug-ins for Rhino 4.0
Many are shipping... many more are coming soon. Here is a partial list of what is available:

Visual Tips for Rhino 4.0
RhinoCAM and RhinoART for 4.0
HighRES for 4.0
madCAM for 4.0
TechGems for 4.0
OptiCAD with 4.0 3DM support
Smurf for 4.0
Matrix for 4.0
RhinoMarine for 4.0
Shot for 4.0
Bamboo for 4.0
Rave for 4.0
Mosaix for 4.0
Electrodex for 4.0
Polhemus supports Rhino 4.0
Maxwell for 4.0
DataKit Rhino 4.0 plug-ins read CATIA V4 and V5, Parasolid, Unigraphics, Solid Edge, Pro-E, and other design software.
Enzo with 4.0 3DM support
Italian Book on Rhino 4.0
Altair3D with 4.0 3DM support
GibbsCAM with 4.0 3DM support
ElectrodSHOCK X4 for 4.0
RackoMOLD X4 for 4.0
RackoDRAW for 4.0
Italian Video Tutorials for 4.0
V-Ray for 4.0

In beta...

Brazil rendering system
Rhino Labs
We are posting many new tools for Rhino 4.0 in Rhino Labs. Most will be released as new features for Rhino 5.0. Some are still in development but many are ready for production use. Examples include:

In-Place Block Editor
Advanced Flattening (Expander replacement)
Developable Surface Creation
Technical Drawing Display
DirectX 9 support
NextEngine scanner support
Brazil rendering system beta
Monkey script editor
Google 3-D Warehouse and SketchUp utilities
ArchCut tools

Upgrade Classes
Rhino 4.0 upgrade classes are now available.

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