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measurement in all directions in catia v5

Sharan Kumar

New member
Hi all is there any option in catia v5 to measure the minimum distance between two bodies in all directions ... Ie consider a block is kept within a box and want to find the clearance in all directions...thanks in advance


Super Moderator
(I moved your post and created a new thread)

There is no such CATIA command that I'm aware of.

You would have to measure one-by-one each side of the block. Or, you probably could write a macro to do it in one step.

José Luiz

New member
Hi Mr. Sharan
If I understood tour doubt, let me try to help you.
It's possible when you are working in Catproduct.
Pay attention, in "Measure Between" you must use mode "Product only".
Ser attached example.

Best regards.



New member
I think, but I'm not sure, that you can use the clash command to find the clearance, contact or clash.

If you can tell me what you want to do exactly with one example.