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measuring surface area


New member

I am completely new to Catia, so maybe this seems as a trivial question.

For the estimation of the drag of an airplane I am designing for a school project I need to measure or estimate the amount of "wetted" area. I am sure Catia could produce a very precise answer for me in no-time, but I cannot find the "measure" button.

I read some documentation files I found around the internet, but they simply state "click the measure button", which isn't just on my screen... Does this have something to do with the P1-P3 sales options? I would have expected measuring to be a pretty basic operation... Or should I be in another workbench or something? I cannot find any menus with the measure option.

Any help is welcome!

The MEASURE ITEM icon is normally displayed at the bottom of the screen. Yours might be outside of the screen space, which is pretty common. You might try to move some of the toolbars around to make space for the missing ones.

Also, use VIEW + TOOLBARS to make sure the MEASURE toolbar is checked on.

The MEASURE ITEM icon is the middle one shown in my attached picture. You can also use the third icon, INERTIA, to get the area measurement.

Once you get the measurement, you may have to use CUSTOMIZE to add AREA to the results.

Use TOOLS + OPTIONS + PARAMETERS AND MEASURE to change the area units in the UNIT page.


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