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Merge sketch segements together to form one entity/figure in CATIA V5


New member
Hi everyone!

Does CATIA V5 have an sketch tool equivalent to Solidworks' Fit Spline? I'm trying to merge a drawing that has different line, curve and spline segments into a sole entity/figure, but I can't find a tool that accomplishes this.




Super Moderator
I don't know what "Fit Spline" does.

CATIA has a tool called Join that will concatenate continuous line and curve segments into a single curve.


New member
Hi MrCATIA, thank you for your reply.

I did try with the Join command, but unfortunately it has not merged the segments since the points are still there. What Fit Spline does in Solidworks is effectively merge all the segments of a drawing (line, curves and splines) into a single continuous spline shape, which is what I intend to do in CATIA with this drawing.

Due to these segments not being merged, they are causing issues when I try to create a Multi-Sections Surface, since they don't have the same shape/measures as the next sketch, and I get the "extrusion of a vertex lead to a cusp" error.
Multi-sections error.jpg


Super Moderator
In the Multi-Section Surface picture, there are 2 red arrows that are not pointing in the same direction. One arrow is at the very top, and the other is the lower-right. Click on one of those arrows to flip it, so both arrows are pointing the same (clockwise).


New member
I flipped the top arrow to point in the same direction, but unfortunately I still get this error.

Multi-Sections error.jpg


Sorry for the late reply - but what do you mean when you say the points are still there? Are you getting error when using the Join command? Or are you referring to the points the Join command leaves? If that's the case, try using Smooth Curve to eliminate the join points.


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