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Merging surface edges

V5 right?

No Merge (like in V4), but you can replace the unwanted curve with the good curve, and then delete the unwanted curve.

Replace will transfer all the children of the replaced element to the selected element.
Yes its V5, sorry about that.
On a surf edge it may have multi-segments to it and before I can add the next patch I would like to clean it up to a sigle curve. We are working in GSD and are not required to keep history to our models. There are not construction curves to replace. This makes it very hard when working on other designers models. In other CAD systems, your able to merge these edges to "clean up" the surfs.
Any more ideas that may help us out?
I thought you meant "merge" as in V4; to combine two indentical curves into one.

If you want to concatenate a series of continuous curve segments into a single curve, then use JOIN.

If you don't want the history; copy & paste as result, and the JOIN will become an isolated curve.
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