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Mesh exporting = tiny holes ... unsolvable !!!! Please help !!!!


Hi there !!!
I'm new to this forum, and i hope we'll be able to help each others as far as we can ... My experience in rhino modeling is not that big, but it's definetly a software i love to model architectural projects ... yes, i'm an architecture student from france ;)
So, let's talk about the issue i'm trying to solve since many days, and that starts turning me a bit crazy !! I use to render my project with vray for c4d, and to do so, i' ve tried the rhino.io plugin ... The thing is that, trying to import my 3dm into c4d, and even by trying to master the meshes options in rhino ( coz rhino io imports the geometry exactly as it is in rhino software ), i still get not that good results ... which cause holes in gi pass and stuff like that ...
I' ve exposed this problem in the frenchrhino3d forum, but no one as found an answer to this issue !!! Here are some example pictures ... the meshes settings are the following ones: Density: 1.0; Maximum Angle: 5; Maximum aspect ratio: 0; Minimum edge length: .2; Maximum edge length: 0; Maximum distance, edge to surface: 0.0001; Minimum initial grid quad: 128, with refine mesh and simple planes tickled ... Any idea of the problem ?? Just for you to know, i've done many many tries before sending you this message ... read many forums thread, but no solution comes to me ... HELP ME plizzzzzzzz ;)
The last method i've tried was to convert nurbs directly in rhino, then quadrangulatemeshes command ... but it still doesn't work !!!!

So, i'm a bit lost, i thought that i wouldn't have had such strange and micro problem with rhino, but for now, i'm a bit pessimistic ... any idea ???
Merci !!!!