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Meshing a surface



Hej every body, I have one question for you

Does any body know any kind of external meshing program that could be used in a CATIA surface model?
And if so, is it better than the one we have in CATIA V15?

Thanks guys
Based on your previous post, I'm not sure if I understand what you're doing.

Could you please define "meshing"

Which CATIA workbench are you currently using to create the "mesh", and what are the problems you're finding?



Well im working on a surface model anb I need to mesh this model in order to obtain and export the coordinates of the meshed model to analyze the model.

the mesh element that I need to use is a qudrangular element.

I hope that this explains a litle bit more what I need with an external messher.

thank you for your time


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