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Mirror Holes and Pattern



:confused: Hello, I am trying to mirror a 4 hole pattern across a plane that is the centerline of the part. When I try to mirror the pattern, I get an error message that says the pattern cannot be transformed. The only feature that is successfully mirrored is the first hole of the pattern. This would be no problem to do in Pro-Engineer, I don't know how Catia is getting so big with stupid stuff like this. Can anyone tell me how or if this can be done? Thank you


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Insert (reorder) your existing holes into a new partbody, and then add the mirror command to the "current solid"

I agree that it seems a little awkward at first, but I do this all the time for mirrored, rotated and patterned features.

Based on the image of your part, here's how I model a set features: Make a sketch of the center points on the right side and mirror the points about the center plane so the sketch contains all the left & right centerpoints. Make a Hole at one of the points, and do a User Pattern to copy the hole to all the other centerpoints in your sketch. I'd do this within a partbody, but it's not necessary if you select the first hole before you click the User Pattern.
MrCatia, Thank you for your tip. I will try it. I'm new to Catia so there is alot I don't know yet. At work we use Pro-E Wildfire2. I work at a large aerospace firm and we are going to Catia based on a corporate decision. Our Cad administrator has evaluated Catia against Pro-E and said it is very similar to Pro-E in how it works. I get very disappointed though when I see things like this, something that is very easy to accomplish in one software but is a nightmare to do in another.
Sketcher. Like you, I thought CATIA was very different and difficult to work with when I first made the switch, but I've gotten used to it. I'm sure you'll master it also in time. I've never used Pro-E, but I've heard from many of my buddies that the concepts are similar but there are also many differences, as you're seeing.

The best advise I can offer, is to recommend to you (and your company) is get some instructor-led education from someone who is familiar with your line of business. It will help get you up the learning curve much faster and provide getter payback to your company.
Right click the pattern
go to edit
select explode
now the holes will be spitted
you can mirror now

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