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mirroring a 3d sketch


New member
I have to draw a tube frame for a race car. it is symmetrical about the side view plane, I know all my points where the tubes intersect, what I'd like to do is to sketch all the points where the tubes join on the left half of the car then connect the points with lines then mirror the sketch about the side plane which would then be the centerline of the car as looking from above. Then after I have a good line drawing of the frame I can use the structural members function to draw the tubes at actual size.

I cant figure out how to mirror the 3d sketch if all of the points are not on a plane. I could mirror it if I turn it into tubes with the structural members function first but I dont want to do it that way as I will not have a good overall view of the car when its just lines and easy to modify.



New member
There is no direct way to mirror 3d sketch. You may convert it into surface, do mirror surface body, start a new 3d sketch, and using convert entities option, convert the other edge into a 3d sketch. You may hide or delete the surface bodies.