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Missing the left hand side window of CATIA drafting


New member
Hi everyone and friends,

I have a curious question here. When we start the new draft, the starting will look like this:
On the RHS is the WHITE windows for drawing, of course
And on the LHS, there is a navy BLUE color windows showing drawing5 and names of sheets.
My attached picture illustrates my description.
However, on my another computer, there is totally no appearance of the LHS window. So I would like to ask what its name is and how to call it out if I do not see it.

Thank you for your support.



Super Moderator
Good question! I'm not sure what the Drafting left-hand panel is called - maybe it's called the "Specification Tree" like it is in the modeling screen?

Use F3 to Hide or Show the panel. Click the blue background to make it active, and Zoom or Fit-All-In to see it better.


New member
Thank you Mr. Catia.

Just a familiar F3 tip to hide/show but I do not realize it. I thought it works only on a "sepcification tree" case, but it actually work on this separate window.