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modeling help



modeling help (how to attach squares to a wireframe helmet?)

Hello everyone,

I have a question: I'm trying to model a helmet out of 3d squares. And I need help attaching the squares to my wire frame.

What I plan on doing is using splines for my base. Imagine a lowpoly wire frame of a helmet. Using these splines I would like to attach my squares to the splines. You know, have the squares follow the path of the spline. I would then repeat this process for all splines.

So how should i go about doing this? IS there a specific work bench i shoud be in?

This is my first step in the deep end that is CATIA but I’m very familiar with max. In max this would be referred to as the spacing tool. Where you would assign the object to a specific path then have it duplicate itself (the object) on the path.

Any help will be much appreciated

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squares on a surface?

Could you attach a picture of what you're trying to do.

Do you really want square "squares" (with 90 deg corners), or just a rectangular grid?

It sounds like you have a flat pattern situation. Layout the squares on the 2D flat pattern, and then map them onto the 3D surface. The DEVELOP tools in the Generative Shape Design workbench might help. Or you could use the Composites workbench, if you have that license.

Which release are you using?
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