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Modelling an End milling cutter with helical flutes


New member
Hi everyone,

I am a student trying to use NX5 to model an end mill with spiral flutes.
The grooves have to be over an external diameter.

Can I accomplish this by drawing a profile of the groove, helix and then sweeping the profile along the created helix?

But even then with this, the formed groove is oblique to the external diameter. Can anyone please suggest a better method to model an end-mill in NX5?

Thank you very much in advance.
Can you just model the cross section and extrude with twist?

When you sweep there is option to keep your crosssection planar to the sweep plane. Play with these options.
I'm trying to do something very similar but the results arn't what I'm after. I created a sketch, helical curves then swept the sketch along the helical guide curves & subtracted from the revolved body. Problem is I end up with a partial shell/surface on the od. Any suggestions ?. Using NX4. Thanks

Create a curve using sketch with some angle & project that curves to outer diameter of flute .. Likewise create another curve of Face side with flute parameters..Create through cure mesh ..It forms the helical flute
Sorry I am an I-Deas user so I can not help on NX
If you would post the part you have so far as a parasolid maybe we can help some more.
helcoidal flute

Hello everybody,

I need help from somebody hows have expierence with unigraphics nx.
And that is I like to creating a helicodal flute for a drill or a carbide end mill.
Could you please explained, if there the possibility is, to me by step to step how i can fixed this flute.

Thanks in advance
elgodjo monotero

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