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Moderators Needed for this Forum!


New member
Hello fellow 3DCADTips Members! and its forums are growing faster than we can keep up! We are looking for experienced Inventor members to step forward and help us moderate this Inventor forum. All you have to do is login a couple of times a week (more if you want) and help fellow members as much as you can. You would also have additional forum privileges. Mentoring other users is very satisfying and a critical aspect of the CAD community in general. needs your expertise!
Please respond to this thread if you are interested and let us know your experience level brief work history. No personal info is required at this time. We will contact you privately if selected.

Thank you!
3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:

I would like to help out and become a moderator for this forum. I have been working with Inventor for the past two years and Autocad for the past six. My years of experience might not be much, but my knowledge of each is. Inventor is my favorite out of the other 3D cad programs I have tried. I am currently an intern at a local manufacturing company. I work with anything from large assemblies of die components to excel linked parts for families of products. Overall I have a lot to give and want to help out.
Hi, I'm available if you still need help.
I work as a design and project enginner in a manufacturing corporation (10 years). I've been using Inventor since V9 and with AutoCad since R9. Beside this, I have plenty of experience moderating groups and forums in other topics.
Best Regards,
ok great, let's do it!

Hello ochaves and gplacinta,

ok that's great. We'll change both of your profiles to give you co-moderator status and see how it goes. For everyone else reading this post, we're still looking for additional co-moderators for this forum!

ochaves and gplacinta - you can start by looking at every thread on this forum that currently does NOT have a reply and see if you can help them out. Our goal is "zero tolerance" for unreplied threads! Everyone deserves a timely response from our forums. I think that's why our Google rankings are so high! We make the extra effort to make sure everyone is help that needs help.

Thanks ochaves and gplacinta!
3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:
You're all set!

Hello ochaves and gplacinta,

Both of you are all set! You now have additional options only available to moderators. Each of you will also start receiving an email notification when a new thread or reply is posted to this forum. Use the link provided in each email to view and respond if you can.

Thanks ochaves and gplacinta!
3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:

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