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Motion Simulation


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I'm trying to simulate a braking mechanism that will be incorporated into a final product. A motion simulation is being used to iteratively modify the shape of a cam like part to develop the forces necessary. I need to know if A, I could somehow get NX4 to hold a spring in place on maximum displacement or force , or B; lock a revolute joint on maximum angle for the rest of the motion simulation.

I haven't seen any documentation that would even imply that NX is capable of doing this but hopefully i just missed something.

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well nx4 does springs, ive never used it as using nx is like trying to force your head through a small gap. i would reccomend just modelling the thing, working out how much braking force you need to apply, and the maximum surface area you can get away with applying it over, an then selecting the spring to push back the braking surface using common sense.

i know you can restrict a revolute joint to an angle, i hope this is of help to you.

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