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Motion Skeleton.Best of both worlds?



Hello all,

Here is the situation. I have created a motion skeleton with mechanisms similar to the tutorial in,
to define my articulation, turning radius, and oscillation. I can easily manipulate the model with the Mechanism snapshot tool, one of the great assets for this type of skeleton. Here is the kink in the system. I would like to drive this motion from both Mechanism and have the flexibility to drive it from a traditional layout file for fine tuning and incremental changes.

Has anyone ever set up a model similar to this situation, where you can drive the motion from a layout file and Mechanism? Is there a way to set a relation that will, for example, allow a plane to float between 45deg and -45 deg without having a set value (so I can drive the motion from MDX) and also have the ability to define it from a layout file. This would give the best of both worlds to define the motion.

Thanks for any and all input.
enhancement request

Per PTC response.

This is reference to your technical support call regarding Pro/MECHANISM joint positions in layouts. Currently, Pro/MECHANISM connections do not create any variables for use in a layout.


How is your design going? I am looking for a movable skeletion program to increace my understanding of human body. Or you know any program that I can find online?

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