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Move BOM to a different sheets?


New member
Is it possible to move a parts list to a different sheet than the linked assembly view? We use 'A' size exclusively here and I can't fit both the exploded view and parts list on the same sheet.
Thanks in advance.
I may be wrong but I don't think you can move the partslist. You can however move the drawing views to a new sheet. Just select the view from the model tree and drag it to the bottom of the sheet you want it to be on (there will be a black line below the sheet in the model tree before you release the mouse button).
It is possible to place the parts list on a different sheet other than the view it references. Activate the sheet you want to put the parts list on, pick the view in the browser that you want to base the parts list on. It works if the view is on a different sheet.
Create a new sheet, click the 'parts list' button, in the parts list dialogue box use the browse buton to find your assembly & create the parts list. I use the browse method all of the time because it finds all of the parts in an assembly instead of just those seen in a particular view.

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