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Moving Objects in Drawings Using Arrow Keys


Hi -

New to the forum. I have been learning CATIA at my new position for about 4 months now. I am often making Drawings. One thing I have not learned to do is move views (also images, text boxes, etc.) using the keyboard arrows. As in, you highlight a view, and move it in small increment via the up, down, left or right arrows. This is a feature I was used to in SolidWorks and would really love to be able have again. I enjoy lining things up as perfectly as possible and only being able to use the mouse makes that difficult. Again this is just for Drawings.

Does anyone know how to do this? Keyboard command or a menu setting?


Super Moderator
I don't think you can move things in a CATIA drawing with the Arrow keys.

Drafting standards require that multi-view drawing views be aligned, so it's good that you like to do that. Most views in CATIA are automatically aligned when they are created. But if you do have to align two views, the best and most accurate way is to right-click on the misaligned view, slide over from View Positioning, and use the Align Views Using Elements option. This tool will perfectly align the first object (line, point, etc.) with the second object in the other view.