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Multi-section solid problem


Attached is a zipped CATIA V5 R14 file of construction curves from which I am trying to
create a transmission housing. I have spend hours trying to loft the curves using the
multi-section solid command but to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


David Lomshek


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David I was able to loft in GSD using several lofts instead of just one.The last loft was the transition between the neck and body that seemed to be the area not allowing one complete loft. I then Joined the lofts and created a solid.
I tried to upload a Zip file with no luck I'm not sure why I could not send it back to you.
If you post your E-mail i will send it to you. Hope this helps.

I was able to make a quick multi-section solid from your B-splines (I use R15). I ignored the control points and had to use a "ratio" coupling option, but it did make a solid. (see attachment)

I think Larry's method of making a surface is better, because you have more options and more control.

Looking at a side view, I see there are four linear sections to your shape. To get a "better" solid, I suggest making four mult-section solids by using the first and last B-spline of each section. And then combine them and add fillets

But I guess it all depends on what you plan to do with the model. I'm guessing this is IGES data?


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Here is the part file if you need a solid just close Join.1. Had to delete the solid to get the upload.
Have fun!!!!!!!!



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