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Multi Section Surface: Closing surfaces


New member
Hey guys, I've been having trouble closing a number of surfaces so that I can avoid the loft operator error when I use multi-section surface.

Usually I project the profiles so I can join them together but CATIA isn't allowing me to project some of the lines which is making life a lot harder.

Any pointers would be awesome.



Super Moderator
could you attach a picture showing what you're doing when you get an error, including the message.

not sure why you are projecting.
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New member
motion tsiampo

Edit Sketch.5 and delete the constraints at the endpoints that should intersect Sketch.3 & Sketch.6. Use the intersect 3D elements options in the sketch and select the other two sketches to created points where those sketches intersect Sketch.5, then create a coincidence constraint between the endpoints of the sketch endpoints and the intersections of the other sketches.

You will have to delete the fix constraint in the sketch in order for it to work properly - after that you should have no problem.



Super Moderator
increase the 3-d accuracy by using the following path, tools->option->general-> display-> 3d accuracy
To expand on CAD-BEGINNER's post:

The 3-D Accuracy option only effects the visual accuracy; making the graphical display tesselated with more or less triangles. But a better display will result in a poorer performance, especially with larger models.

The 3-D Accuracy option does not effect the geometric (mathmatical) accuracy.