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Multiple Axis Selection

Dear all,
I opened a Catia Product in v5,In which individual part Axis are visible in screen.I need to select Axis only to Hide all one.What is the option to do it?

Could you help me on this...



Super Moderator
I've opened some assemblies with so many Axis Systems shown, I couldn't see the solid parts! I teach my students to always Hide everything but the PartBody(s) before saving a Part file!


The "quick fix" is to use EDIT + SEARCH to find and select all the Axis Systems in all the part instances in the assembly and sub-assemblies, and then you can HIDE them in one operation. Depending on how complex the assembly is, this might take some time to process.

The "permanent solution" is to save every Part file, after you've hidden the Axis Systems, Sketches, Geometric Sets, etc.