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Multiple page drawing in Pro/e

I am using Pro/e Wildfire 2.0, I have created 3 separate part models but I want to create a multiple page drawing (.drw), a total of 3 pages. the first page (1 of 3) and the second page (2 of 3) are part drawings and the third page (3 of 3) would show the drawing of the assembled unit. How is this done?
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please can u create an assembly and do it or else go for drawing models, add model, select the model u want and then set the model u want to go for, this will give you the solution
I assume you can create a drawing with a single sheet in this solution.
In drawing mode, choose Insert from the drop down menu and then choose Sheet. This will get you the second sheet. Do this again, and you will get your third sheet.
Each page can have seperate formats. If you have a format that is set up for multiple sheets use this before you create the other sheets and your format will be passed on with the subsequent sheets using the secondary format. Very useful if you have formats that have information that only appears on the first sheet.
Create drawing and right click to select drawing model and select add model and fix the current model
and palce the view

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