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Multiple tubes with the same part number


New member
I am trying to create multiple tubes or hoses with the same part number but that are different lengths. Even though it is a "different" hose the part number of the hose to be ordered is the same.

The other option I would be alright with is if there is a way anyone knows that I can insert a part from a catalog and have it be labeled as the next part in the tree. Ex. 722TC-12.2 , 722TC-12.3

Any ideas.


Super Moderator
If the tubes are different lengths (and probably different bends also), then you need some way to identify each one. It really doesn't matter how you do it, but you will need to come up with a unique part number for each tube. Your suggestion to use .1, .2, .3 would work, (I prefer -1, -2, -3) but you would have to type in the new part number everytime you create a new part.

If you don't like having all the CATPart files, you could make a single CATPart and make each tube as a separate Body. Each Body could then be renamed with the unique part number.

I think most companies would use a single, tabulated drawing to dimension all the tubes. Although I've worked at a few companies that make a separate drawing for each part (tube).