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Ned help with Flow3D



Has anyone worked with this program?
Any tutorials or examples?

about VX CAD/CAM

» Has anyone worked with this program?
» Any tutorials or examples?
» Thanks

Hello Alienyu:

We've reviewed the product for Cadalyst magazine several times over the past few years. It's a 3rd generation hybrid surface/solid modeler based on a proprietary kernel they developed. Surface and solids are interchanable. It's good with advanced surface design and has a good depth of commands and options for solids. It has mold design functions, sheet metal functions, assembly design, integrated drafting and a CAM module if you want it. It's found a niche with mold tool and die designers but can be used equally well for product and industrial design. You can model some very complex shapes such as bottles, impellers, etc. It's one of the lesser known products but it's not a dud. It actually matches functions with some of the higher end CAD systems.

We have some tips on the site at:

We have some tutorials on the site at:

I also ran across a link to their online help at:

Good luck!
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