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Need guidance for a structural simulation


New member
I am in need of guidance performing a structural simulation on a scaffold. The end result is to determine the maximum loading the scaffolding can undergo. I am having problems running the simulation.

Scaffolding is composed of two sides, each of which are created by welding together two 3" schedule 40 steel pipe to two 3" x 3" x 1/4" square tubing. The two sides of the scaffold are tied together by means of cross bars that are connected by two pins on each of the 3" schedule 40 steel pipes. There is a pin that runs through where the cross bars run over each other.

The components of the assembly model are created by using weldments/structural members. The scaffolding is assumed to be fixed to the ground. Loading is to be applied on the faces of the 3" schedule 40 steel pipe.

I have been looking online for tutorials on simulations of structural members with pins but could not find a good one. This type of simulation needed may come across my desk at work again so I would really like to understand how to do these simulations properly.

Attached are the files for the models and the assembly. I would greatly appreciate any guidance.View attachment Scaffold.zip