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Need help for Center line?



Hi, I just some help for center line for autocad 2006. Can you tell me how to adjust center line. I know center line is from layer and you load it..i know that but when I draw something and what to use center line to CAD files my center line is just a straight line their is no dash line. Can you tell me in simply way step by step or command bar..thanks for your time.hopefully someone can help me..thanks
Check your ltscale setting.

Check your ltscale setting. It may be set so low that the line style is appearing as a solid line when it really isn't.
This might help.

Just found this on the Autodesk discussion boards:

By: Tim Decker
If your centerline layer is current, make sure you are set to draw your linetypes as "bylayer". To do this, make sure your CELTYPE is set to

There are 2 main "bylayer" properties for entities on screen:

CECOLOR - Current Entity COLOR
CELTYPE - Current Entity LineTYPE

These are also shown on the "Properties" toolbar, as pop-down lists.
Good luck!

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Autocad 2006 Centerl line

thanks guys for helping me..its really helpful...thanks again

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