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Need some help with DMU Kinematics


New member
This is my first post here so hello :)

Anyways, i'm a last year college student, and i need some help with designing a mechanism.

I attached an assembly i made, and i can't figure out how to make it work like its supposed to. (Made in Catia V5R17 SP4)
So if anyone here has a few minutes to take a look at it and give me some advice.

This is my 1st time working with DMU kinematics, so i could be doing a lot of things wrong :)



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It cannot be simulated. Well, it can, but only so much. The spacing of the gears and the connecting arm make it imppossible - basically it binds itself up after about 3/4" rotation.

If you constrain it correctly, you freehandedly move the parts around using the Assembly Workbench, Manipulation, make sure to click "with respect to contraints."
It really cannot be

The spacing of the gears and connecting rod make it bind up before it rotates 180.

You can us the manipulation, with respect to contraints to simulate.

For the kinematics, see attached screen dump.


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