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New COSMOSXpress question



I am having problems with a cantilevered pipe analysis. In my recent attempts at modeling this situation i have been cutting a 0.01 inch layer from the load region and the restrained region. After doing this, I was able to select those regions in COSMOS. Is this an appropriate method? I was needing to do an additional analysis that would simulate the pipe being clamped/fixed with 6 bolts that are 60 degrees appart. Can anyone recommend a good way in doing this? So far i have made small cylinders that are tangent to my pipe. Unfortunately, I dont think this is the best method.
Why cutting layers and a suggestion.

Hello lunaenergy,

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corus (Mechanical)
29 Apr 06 3:57
I don't understand why you're cutting layers from the assembly and what purpose this serves.

For the bolted connection you could simply restrain the pipe at the mating face of the bolt holes or a region around the bolt holes. If you wanted to include the stiffness and pretension of the bolts with contact between the mating faces then you'd have to look at using the Advanced Professional version.

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SBaugh (Mechanical)
30 Apr 06 10:40

SW00 didn't have CosmosExpress nor the ability to save to a part. YOu have to be using at least SW04 or later before CosmosExpress was avail or save an assembly as a part... however CosmosExpress does not work with multi-bodies either, so you would have to make combine all the parts as single body. This will probably completely mess up your analysis, so you better bet would be to purchase Cosmos that away you could run an analysis on an assembly.


Scott Baugh, CSWP

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